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I Think I’m a Fish

My breath can be held for half a minute,
I feel sick when I’m not in the water,
I feel safer as I dive lower,

And I swim like a dolphin, only faster.

downloaded from morgue file

downloaded from morgue file

Hasty Hail

I don’t really mind storms, most of them I just sleep through, ignore them, or in this story…

Walk through them.

It was around 5:30 p.m. and I was at the library (my friends rode the library bus with me). We were counting lightning strikes whilst seeing how close they were .

All of a sudden, the wind started blowing and blowing, whistling the trees leaves as it passed, dumping water on the ground, pouring down hail on any innocent people.

My mum texted me saying to come out when the storm was only light, my sister, Emma, walked out only getting a little bit wet. I started sidling towards the door as some mean 8th grader came and made me droeverything I in the contents of my bag. I was as mad as a Cobra. The storm was only getting heavier outside while I was picking out all of my binders.

I vaguely saw my mums car outside through all of the hail pouring down and running off of the streets.
It took me all of my courage to step outside to get into the car. Hail thundered down on my head and rain pelted me. I screamed but could only barely hear it. I ran through falling blurs.
When I got in the car, I shivered through my wet clothes.

My Voice

My voice is the one that is the one that is forgotten.

My voice is the sound fading out of your head.

It is the one people may know once, but never again.

The one you listen to only once.

My voice has been ……