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Go karting is nothing like they portray it to be on Mario Kart.
It’s filled with long tracks, loud noises, and waving flags. I was ready for this, I tried to tell myself. My heart pounded as I put my helmet on over my face sock.

I learnt the flags, I studied the track, and I jumped into my kart. ‘What if there’s a speed limit?’ ‘What if I crash?’ It was too late for questions. The karts inched forward. I placed my foot on the acceleration and pushed down.

I carefully maneuvered through the course, going as slow as possible. Everyone fled by, but I didn’t know the speed limit. Just to be on the safe side, I kept on going slowly.

Turns out, I finished in last place. But it was fun.


This year, I have been placed in Honor Treble Choir 😮 and that made me think about what I want to do in the years to come.

-Sing in front of a class- accomplished on – October 18, 2013

-Get a solo- accomplished – 4 years in a row.(That doesn’t count)

-Have a flash mob

-I think that’s it

My Orange Tabby

He purrs louder than a siren,
His legs are longer than a giraffes,
My room is the place he stays,
My porch is where he waits for me,
He plays with a catnip sock,
His colors are orange and white,
His eyes are a solid pale green,
He is my fiancée who almost died,
He is my Harry

4 Forces

“I am so looking forward to school tomorrow!” Eli exclaimed with glee.

“I’m not. Well, I’m not excited about people gossiping behind my back, but I am looking forward to seeing both of you every day.” Jenny said in a husky voice. She was always very careful with her words when she was around her friends. The first time she met them, she had a slight lisp and stutter through her braces, so she couldn’t pronounce a lot of words correctly, and they would always tease her.
Now, 7 years later, Jenny had no stutter, lisp, or braces. She was a beautiful 16 year old girl. But it wasn’t a regular type of beauty. Her skin was olive, tan, and slightly orange/gold; her eyes were a blue-green-silver colour that changed depending on what she was wearing; her hair had natural caramel highlights carefully scattered and her long chestnut hair; and her lips were slightly red.
“What about you Jack?”

“What about me?” He said, caught off guard.

“Are you looking forward to school?” She asked kindly.

“I’m looking forward to the varsity football team, soccer team, tennis team, baseball team, and the kickball team, but not the regular academic subjects.” He answered back.

“At least you’re not taking, what is it…. College level math? Eli?” Jenny remarked sarcastically.

“The highest level of college math AND science.” Eli scoffed whilst pushing up his glasses.

Poem Assignment

Beyond your imagination,
From a world made of blocks,
With creatures roaming the lands,
Within the Earth, mines appear,
Inside the houses people burn gold,
Below the trees, animals play,
Over the hills, people dig,
From all of these things, you have a world of Minecraft.