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Animal Slaughter

BOOM! Another animal was just shot for a pointless reason. Imagine how you would feel if you were killed for food.

First of all, when chickens are sent to the slaughter homes, they are tied to a rotating post by their feet, but if they move the slightest bit, they can fall onto a moving conveyer belt underneath them and be burned alive. So if I were to come to your house, tie your feet together and burn you to death- you wouldn’t be able to say anything, because I would be treating you like factory workers are treating the chickens. Who would want that horrible job?

In addition to that, let’s talk about how veal is made…
When baby cows are born, they are taken away from their mothers just to be locked in a tiny stall, that they have to stay in for the rest of their lives, without EVER seeing the sunlight. In some places, they are underfed, and in some others, they are over fed. Now they have spent their lives in that 1 stall with no room to move and sometimes even sit!! But the worst part is, the only time they can stretch their legs are when they are being taken to the slaughter house. Imagine that are you are stuck in a safe room for you WHOLE life.

In conclusion, I think that we (as humans) should reeducate the amount of meat intake that we consume. Animals should be treated like us, not like a foreign invader who is a serial killer!


“Surprise!!” Everyone yelled from their hiding places. Amy looked shocked even though she had known about her party for over three months now.
Her parents spoke loudly on the phone when Amy was just in the next room, “so I was thinking that for her birthday party, we should get chocolate cake- it’s her favorite.” By that time, she was rolling her eyes in disgust, chocolate was her least favorite flavor in the whole wide world. And if she wanted to lose three pounds AFTER her birthday, she would. But now the 5 layer cake was well- caked with assorted frosting and multicolored sprinkles with the picture of her and when she had met Dora the Explorer the one time at a fair.

“And there should party hats, you can’t have a pary without party hats. Well… Maybe you can. How about I sing The Party Song?” The Party Song was what Amy had made up when she could first speak, it was much too literal and long.

Even though she had to put her Game Face on, and pretend like EVERTHING was going fine, people still believed her.
And at 10:30pm, everyone was singing around the cake joyfully, of course after she had licked of the edible Dora the Explorer photo.

Zooming In

She was frightened. All the lights were out.
Her eyes showed a deer in headlights- the kind that stay frozen like a statue. She fumbled around the bedside table, looking for those darn double AA batteries. Power in her house was always unstable, but it had never just gone out before. The flashlight clicked on, she saw a shadow.

She was sad, her grandma had just passed away.
Funerals always brought out the other side of people- like for Kathy, she was always upbeat and cheery, but now she wasn’t- she wasn’t herself- she was crying. Hymns were next in the ceremony, she grasped her speech tightly in her hands, there were water drops covering up the words. She decided to put away the speech and make a longer, more important one instead.

He felt guilty.
Nothing could erase what he did, not even the biggest eraser he could find. He never meant to do it. He never meant to hurt her, yet he did, and she will never forget that. Never.

She was hurt.
The needle pierced through her delicate flesh. She looked stunned at first- not able to talk. Then the blood started coming, she started to cry in fear and pain. “Mum!”