Zooming In

She was frightened. All the lights were out.
Her eyes showed a deer in headlights- the kind that stay frozen like a statue. She fumbled around the bedside table, looking for those darn double AA batteries. Power in her house was always unstable, but it had never just gone out before. The flashlight clicked on, she saw a shadow.

She was sad, her grandma had just passed away.
Funerals always brought out the other side of people- like for Kathy, she was always upbeat and cheery, but now she wasn’t- she wasn’t herself- she was crying. Hymns were next in the ceremony, she grasped her speech tightly in her hands, there were water drops covering up the words. She decided to put away the speech and make a longer, more important one instead.

He felt guilty.
Nothing could erase what he did, not even the biggest eraser he could find. He never meant to do it. He never meant to hurt her, yet he did, and she will never forget that. Never.

She was hurt.
The needle pierced through her delicate flesh. She looked stunned at first- not able to talk. Then the blood started coming, she started to cry in fear and pain. “Mum!”

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