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“Surprise!!” Everyone yelled from their hiding places. Amy looked shocked even though she had known about her party for over three months now.
Her parents spoke loudly on the phone when Amy was just in the next room, “so I was thinking that for her birthday party, we should get chocolate cake- it’s her favorite.” By that time, she was rolling her eyes in disgust, chocolate was her least favorite flavor in the whole wide world. And if she wanted to lose three pounds AFTER her birthday, she would. But now the 5 layer cake was well- caked with assorted frosting and multicolored sprinkles with the picture of her and when she had met Dora the Explorer the one time at a fair.

“And there should party hats, you can’t have a pary without party hats. Well… Maybe you can. How about I sing The Party Song?” The Party Song was what Amy had made up when she could first speak, it was much too literal and long.

Even though she had to put her Game Face on, and pretend like EVERTHING was going fine, people still believed her.
And at 10:30pm, everyone was singing around the cake joyfully, of course after she had licked of the edible Dora the Explorer photo.