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I decided to write a short story based on one of my ZOOMING IN entries.

The yellow lights flickered above Jenn’s head. Probably just the automatic sprinklers, they come on every night at 10:03, trying to water the bone dry ground. Jenn, the oldest child of the house, was on the phone to her best friend, Jill, “So anyway, he said that and I’m like, oh my gosh, like did you really just ask me to do that? Johnny is so clueless.” The lights flickered again, and the phone connection crackled, “Mum! I don’t think we need to water the grass! It’s not going to help!” No reply.
Still on the phone, Jenn decided to walk down to her mothers room and aggravate her more, but when she stepped out of her doorway, an icy breeze brushed past her shoulder. “I’ll call you back Jill.” She set the phone down and looked around the hallway. “H-hello? Frank, if you’re trying to scare me, knock it off.” Frank was her little brother, he was 9, and always trying to prank her because she was 4 years older than him. The phone, on its stand next to the light, started making loud crackling noises in short outbursts every second. “Frank! It’s not working! Come out here right now!” She knocked on his door that was covered in superhero merchandise. “Frank!” She stood even closer and knocked harder. Just behind her, icy fingers softly grazed her neck. “You’ve gone too far! Let me in!”
The phone line crackled again, but this time, more vigorously. A split second later, the yellow lamp started shaking on the table, it shook so much that the only light source in the middle of the dark hallway- went out.
Remembering that there was a flash light in the tables long draw, she opened it and fumbled around for the flashlight and two double AA batteries. Swiftly, the batteries slid into the slot.
The torch clicked on, she saw a shadow- but it wasn’t hers.

In a second, Jenn seemed to be pulled into a trance and walk closer to the shadow from around the corner, she did not know what she was doing. Her heart remained stable and hypnotized. The frozen fingers clasped the width of her neck and started to squeeze until she screamed and her ears started ringing.
With the most forceful tug, she managed to release the grip from the dark silhouette. Her left foot tripped over the right one, resulting in her stumbling into, and pushing open, her brothers door, where she ran to close the door behind her.

Heart rate slowing, she turned around- but she shouldn’t have. Her brother lied in his bed, looking peaceful. Then Jenn blinked and looked again, the figure had poised a knife above Franks temple. Then- in slow motion, she ran towards the figure and pushed him out of the window, which was cracked open, letting in a icy breeze. Still, she had not completely succeeded, the knife had rammed into the center of her silk pajamas, she then died on her brothers red sheets. Fortunately, the silhouette had not survived the fall from the 3 story window.