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Zooming In

She was frightened. All the lights were out.
Her eyes showed a deer in headlights- the kind that stay frozen like a statue. She fumbled around the bedside table, looking for those darn double AA batteries. Power in her house was always unstable, but it had never just gone out before. The flashlight clicked on, she saw a shadow.

She was sad, her grandma had just passed away.
Funerals always brought out the other side of people- like for Kathy, she was always upbeat and cheery, but now she wasn’t- she wasn’t herself- she was crying. Hymns were next in the ceremony, she grasped her speech tightly in her hands, there were water drops covering up the words. She decided to put away the speech and make a longer, more important one instead.

He felt guilty.
Nothing could erase what he did, not even the biggest eraser he could find. He never meant to do it. He never meant to hurt her, yet he did, and she will never forget that. Never.

She was hurt.
The needle pierced through her delicate flesh. She looked stunned at first- not able to talk. Then the blood started coming, she started to cry in fear and pain. “Mum!”

Which One?

As some of you may know, I am currently trying to write a book. Even though I’m writing this post, it doesn’t mean that I am giving up on my story (not yet) but I would just like to know which paragraph you think is the best writing/storyline, please comment below:)

1.Her eyes opened, she was in the hospital alone. It was was the first time that she was ever alone. All her life, she had been battling cancer, she had never been alone. But now she was- she had no one to think for her, or help her with math questions.
I like this feeling.
Like anybody, she was scared to be alone. But as soon as she adjusted to it, she liked having freedom. She liked being able to think for herself. And she liked not being interrupted by anyone else.

2. She had joined the ‘Rebellion’ 4 years ago, when her parents told her that she meant nothing to them. She resembled all of the characteristics of a fugitive.
—Black bandaged arms
-black eyeliner
—Torn rags of clothes that she had stolen
-no care for anyone else’s survival, only hers
Yet, no one knew her secret.
No one knew what she did.
No one knew her backstory.
No one knew her.

3. The room started spinning around in a tornado like fashion. It ripped the scarf from her neck.
“I can’t believe we’re going to die like this!” She tried to scream over the sounds swirling in her ears.
The chairs that they were tied to were very close, she reached out to grab his hand frantically.
“I just want you to know that I love you.” He yelled back.
But there was no response.
She had been taken.

Season Challenge (short challenge)

Blood was common here.
In the small town of Goten, demons were legends, stories told by parents to frighten their youngsters into doing what they ask.
But there was this one man Arnold Buo, who had saved 2 children from a River beast when he was hunting one day, since then, he had been known as a fugitive, a man on the run- a man who was said to live with dragons.
Those 2 children that he saved described him as: tall- about the size of a fully grown giant, muscular- his arms were to be wider than the Pacific Ocean, yet there was one thing that set him apart from someone else- his eyes.
His eyes were mint green, wild and free.
Even though he was always carrying around his axe, his eyes were soulful and caring. And the two children that he had saved had been slaves in the market places. The drudges were sent to a river to retrieve some water, their owners knew that the River had a lively beast, crawling inside, always looking for prey. It was said to have 6 sets of gills, 2 rows of teeth, and 1 eyeball- one eyeball in the middle of its head- one eyeball that could squirt poison and arsenic into a travelers eyes. It would act like an innocent little sardine fish that had washed up on shore. By the time anybody had realized that the fish was welling up in size, it was too late- there had been over 35 killings by that lake each year.
But the talons on the beast!

The talons on the beast could slice open a brick in one touch. Kill 2 children in a millisecond, destroy an axe with one flick. Still, Arnold was not intimidated but the beast, he just saw it as a misunderstood tree frog. Even though he had soulful eyes, he knew that he had to destroy the giant- the giant that was called ‘Reptillica’. So he swung at Retillica’s eye, but missing and just giving him a nice nail cut. Arnold, no matter how much he loved his axe, still knew that it would slow him down with its weight, so he gave it to the slaves to handle and defend themselves as he shimmied up a bent, broken, and collapsing tree.

4 Forces

“I am so looking forward to school tomorrow!” Eli exclaimed with glee.

“I’m not. Well, I’m not excited about people gossiping behind my back, but I am looking forward to seeing both of you every day.” Jenny said in a husky voice. She was always very careful with her words when she was around her friends. The first time she met them, she had a slight lisp and stutter through her braces, so she couldn’t pronounce a lot of words correctly, and they would always tease her.
Now, 7 years later, Jenny had no stutter, lisp, or braces. She was a beautiful 16 year old girl. But it wasn’t a regular type of beauty. Her skin was olive, tan, and slightly orange/gold; her eyes were a blue-green-silver colour that changed depending on what she was wearing; her hair had natural caramel highlights carefully scattered and her long chestnut hair; and her lips were slightly red.
“What about you Jack?”

“What about me?” He said, caught off guard.

“Are you looking forward to school?” She asked kindly.

“I’m looking forward to the varsity football team, soccer team, tennis team, baseball team, and the kickball team, but not the regular academic subjects.” He answered back.

“At least you’re not taking, what is it…. College level math? Eli?” Jenny remarked sarcastically.

“The highest level of college math AND science.” Eli scoffed whilst pushing up his glasses.