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Zip line Terror

It was not that long ago, during last summer. My Aunt and Grandad had come out to visit us. We took her to Natural Bridge Caverns, and outside of the cave, there was a zip line that was 50ft high and almost 45ft long, and you go at about 25mph. 😉

My dad spotted it and was trying to convince my aunt and I to go up, so we did.
After what seemed like years of climbing stairs, we reached the top. It looked higher than it was.
You could see the top of the trees whistling below you, which made it even scarier because you knew there was wind.

500 years later, we were still staring down with my dad and grandad yelling to hurry up so they could take our picture, and my mum and sister both worrying about how high it was. My Aunt got ready to go, then flew at top speed.

All of a sudden, my feet slipped, I fell forward endlessly tumbling into an unknown world that was located at the ‘end of the line’. Then. My feet hit a ladder and I stumbled to step onto it, even with somebody helping me.

4th Birthday

Over the weekend, my cat had his 4th bday.
We played games and had a mini feast.
He followed me around all day; even though I very rarely left my room.
He was the runt of the litter; we think his siblings are tigers.
I can’t believe my boy is growing up so fast.