I am From

I am from drinking tea,
From furry couches and the red range,
I am from the limestone house, surrounded by toppling trees,
I am from the cactus plants,
And the hibiscus flowers that only grew one at a time,
I am from the smell of mince pies and freshly baked Christmas Cake,
From David and Vickie,
I am from driving to Pennsylvania and correcting grammar and from homemade meals,
I’m from “want some tea?” And “girls, come on!” And the same ‘scary’ soundtrack my dad plays every year on Halloween,
I’m from the Easter egg scavenger hunt every year,
I’m from England and Pennsylvania,
Brisket and bangers,
From the story of my grandmother,
Telling me about her life,
Now the only memory I have of her, floats around inside of the gold locket necklace that she left for me, and safely stored in photos buried under transparent plastic sheets,
These memories make me. Most of them are locked inside of my other memories.

I do not let some of them show, in fear that the emotions will take over me.


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