Spirit; Stallion of the Cimmarion

Spirit. It was a name of which I was familiar with. A name from my childhood. A horses name to be more precise.

This horse inspired me to have courage, bravery and some people may not know this but- this movie is the reason why I started riding horses. Spirit belong to a herd. And he is the leader, his coat is golden that has a black line going down his spine (see incised in video). One day, he wanders off and gets captured by cowboys. From there on, he is made to go to a ranch and be tamed, branded, but along the way, he meets an Indian who is determined to escape and get Spirits’ trust, which he does when he helps him get out, along with all of the other horses.
Then, he meets Rain and they obviously fall in love, he saves her life and all that stuff. Blah blah blah.

Spirit was definitely my number 1 favorite movie! Still is.

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