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Reflection: Seventh Grade

When I first arrived in August, I excepted to have trouble trying to follow the strict dress code rules, seeming as my clothes that I had were spaghetti straps, but most people (including me) figured out ways to dress around the code. By October, my life at school was an easy routine to follow, and I had bought all of my clothes to fit the rules.
Eventually, I figured out that as long as you try to follows the code- and really try, you may be able to get away with more things.
In seventh grade, I learned;
1. The STAAR test is way easier than expected.
2. You wIll start to figure out what kind of friend group that you fit into.
And 3. Dress code is not too hard to follow.

As the year comes to a close, I begin to wonder how this year (academic and social wise) will affect next year. Although this year had it ups and downs, I would not- if given the chance- choose to repeat it. Since mistakes can turn into good things.
If I had to give any incoming sixth graders advice on seventh grade, I would tell them to always look past the negative experiences, and live in the moment with good experiences. Oh! And I would let them know that they should not be pushing the dress code too far.